Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shri Maha Sastha Vijayam - First Purana of Sastha

The worship of Lord Shastha is very much common and widespread, and We have many stories explaining the glory of Shabarimala Ayyappa. But, there is no proper book so far containing all the aspects of Lord Maha Shastha like stories of Shastha’s other incarnations, his marriage episodes with Prabhavathi Devi and with Poorna & Pushkala, his son, his parivaras, etc are not known to many. Many devotees expressed their wish that a compilation may be done on the significance of the Lord.

The search of light started 12 years ago, traveling cross and wide to many temples, volumes of texts, manuscripts and inscriptions. Finally by the grace of Lord, it has resulted in the Book, Shri Maha Shastha Vijayam

This Is Not A Regular Ayyappa book containing only the story of Pandalam, Mahishi and pradhishta at Shabarimala. This contains Rare and unknown Purana Stories, In depth details, and puja kalpams, giving answers to many doubts.

To highlight a few aspects of the book, "SHRI MAHA SHASTHA VIJAYAM", the book contains:

* About 85 Puranic Stories of Lord Hariharaputra divided in to Five Kandams (Cantos) –

Mahima Kandam , Leela Kandam, Prabhava Kandam, Vaibhava Kandam & Upasana Kandam

* Notable age-old temples of Shastha in India and their history

* Stories of Various incarnations of Shastha

* 5 rare Sahasranamas of Shastha – from Puranas and Puja Kalpas and 2 Trishatis

* Complete Puja Kalpam with Avarana

* 11 Ashtothras for Shastha (in Various forms)

* Ashtothras for Poorna and Pushkala

* Moola Manthras for Various Shasthas (a work by Shri Adi Shankara)

* Various forms of Shastha - paintings (almost 20 forms of Shastha)

The book is very first of its kind and is running to 400-500 pages almost to the extent of an encyclopedia.

The Worshipful Acharyas of Shringeri Sharada Peetam, Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam had blessed the project. Swami Dayanandha Sarswathi and Many Guruswamis and senior upasakas of Lord Shastha had expressed their happiness and had blessed the project.

By the blessing of the Gurus, based on the book, a lecture series is made on Lord Sastha for 5 or 7 days titled “Sastha Mahathmyam” like Bhagawtha Sapthaham..

The book is Priced Rs. 400 /-

It is in Tamil subsequently to be translated into other languages like English, Malayalam and Telugu.

You may read the interview of the author, Aravind Subramanyam to THE HINDU

Book is Available at:
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You may send MO or DD or Cheques in Favour of "V.Aravind Subramanyam" to the above address and can obtain the copy of the book through post or courier